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Solar Panel Installation


Solar Solutions are industry leaders in the field of solar panel installation. We have fitted solar PV systems for many
satisfied clients, including local council
authorities, home owners and businesses.

Our PV installation services are both
professional and affordable, making
us the North East’s first choice for
solar panel installation.

Public Sector PV

Public Sector

In the fight against climate change many
public sector institutions are turning to solar PV systems. Solar Solutions offer
a range of photovoltaic options for schools, hospitals and council offices.

Our engineers are adept at public sector
installation and are doing their part
to make Britain’s future green.

Domestic Sector PV

Domestic Sector

Solar Solutions residential solar systems
can revolutionise your home’s energy
usage. We can help you every step of
the way, from choosing a good site to
installing your home solar panels professionally and efficiently.

Solar PV systems are good for your
family, and good for the planet.

Commercial PV

Commercial PV

PV integration is an innovative way for
your business to stay one step ahead,
and photovoltaic solar systems are a superb solution for complying with impending government carbon reduction schemes.

A PV installation can reduce your
overheads whilst also boosting green