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Why solar panels are a bright idea

Solar panels are put on the roof to generate electricity from the sun.

You can benefit in two ways. First there’re the electricity bill savings. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that typical solar panels can produce c.40% of a home's leccy.

This means a typical family could slash a dazzling £120-ish off their bills, depending on how much sun you get and your roof size. Of course, if electricity costs go up, you’ll save even more.

The other bonus is that a new government scheme pays c. £800/year for all the solar energy you produce, even if you use it yourself. Bizarrely, the cash from this scheme massively eclipses the electricity bill savings.

One of the key things to understand is that solar power can't be stored, so any energy you don't use is pumped back to the grid.

When it comes to installing, you have two options:

* Get free solar panels.

If you’re in England or Wales, solar panel firm Isis is offering to kit you out with solar panels for nowt.

You save £120-ish a year on your electricity, but it keeps the £800 a year payments for generating the solar power. Jump to Free solar power for more.

* Profit from solar panels.

The other option’s to pay for your own solar power system. This way, you grab all the payments for solar energy produced, estimated by the Energy Saving Trust at a brilliant £800 year. This is on top of the bill savings.

The Government’s promised the scheme will last for 25 years, so that’s a decent £23,000 return. This works out cheaper if you want the solar panels for more than ten years, though, of course, you need to stump up a typical cost of £12,500. Jump to Get paid to generate solar power for more, including an offer for Moneysavers of 10% off one scheme from the Green Project.

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4 Reasons why Every Household Should Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are starting to appear on more and more homes across the UK. But what is it about solar panels that make them such a good investment? For many the price of installing panel's puts them off, but this article looks at four reasons why installing solar panels is such a great idea.

Installing solar panels in your home is a great investment, and more and more people are catching onto the benefits to be had from doing so. The only thing that really puts people off is the price of installing the panels, but the benefits far outweigh any initial objections. Here are 4 ways in which any household can benefit from installing solar panels.

1) Free Yourself from Rising Energy Prices

When you install solar panels in your home you free yourself from the constant burden of rising energy prices. Many people are suffering at the moment with the constant rise in bill prices that affect them so regularly. But installing solar panels allows you to take control of your own electricity requirements without paying any more than the initial installation fees.

2) Low Maintenance Requirements

Because solar panels don’t come with any moving parts, the maintenance requirements are very low. That means you can essentially install the solar panels and then leave them to provide free electricity for many years to come without having to do much at all. The only requirement may be to occasionally remove debris and leaves from the panels, but that’s not much to ask for free electricity.

3) Get Extra Income from Feed-In Tariffs

Feed-in tariffs have been introduced by the government to allow people installing solar panels to sell their excess power back to the National Grid. That means as well as saving money on your electricity costs, you can also make money at the same time, helping to make up for the cost of installing the panels in the first place.

4) Help the Environment

As well as all the direct benefits for you when you install solar panels, you will also be doing your bit for the environment. The sun provides an endless source of completely clean energy, so you’ll never have to worry about using fuel that harms the environment and exacerbates climate change.

Solar panels are an ideal solution to any household’s energy requirements. With so many benefits on offer for those who install them, it really does make sense to fit your home with solar panels and start taking advantage of free, clean electricity for many years to come.

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Long sunny spells & a surge in people installing PV panels results in record level of solar power generation for the UK

Weeks of strong sunshine across much of Britain and a surge in photovoltaic (PV) panels installations has resulted in the record generation of solar power, according to figures from government and the industry.

There are now over 450,000 solar installations, almost all on household roofs, which together have a capacity of 2.7GW. On a sunny day solar power is able to generate around 2% of UK demand over a 24-hour period. But because solar panels generate electricity in peak daylight hours, this is the equivalent of around 6% of all electricity needed in Britain between 10am and 5pm.

According to calculations by the Solar Trade Association, record amounts of electricity will have been generated in the recent heat wave, with solar overtaking wind power for the first time. In the past year, more than 100,000 households installed solar despite the so-called feed in tariff subsidy being slashed by the government.

"These few sunny weeks have shown that the solar resource in Britain is phenomenal," said Leonie Greene, communications director of the association.
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For the full article please visit The Guardian >>

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