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Climate change and carbon reduction continues to be big issues within the business
world, and many organisations are seeking solutions which reduce their carbon footprint.
As well as being useful for PR purposes, renewable energy sources can save your
organisation money and bolster your overall carbon reduction strategy.

In 2010, the government introduced its Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy
Scheme. Under the rules of the initiative, large scale producers of CO2 must purchase
‘allowances’ for each tonne of carbon dioxide they produce, meaning that the less carbon
a business generates, the less it will have to pay. This and other forthcoming government
schemes provide an incentive for commercial organisations to clean up their act, and make
going green a sound long-term investment.

Photovoltaic solar power is an ideal means of tackling these challenges. Solar PV
can provide your organisation with clean, reliable and cost-effective energy well
into the latter half of the 21st century.

Solar PV systems convert the sun’s natural light into electrical energy. An array of solar
panels, containing many individual solar cells, is used to absorb the sun’s rays and
generate an electrical current. This photovoltaic process is free after initial installation,
generates no emissions at all, and requires no fuel other than sunlight.

This makes solar PV solutions an ideal choice for the commercial sector. Please browse
our website to find out more about our Solar PV installations and to learn about feed in
tariffs which may generate extra revenue.