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As electricity prices continue to rise, now is an ideal time to invest in solar photovoltaic
power for your home.

Residential solar systems enable you to take control of your own energy needs, and
can increase your family’s independence from expensive commercial utility providers.

Solar PV power works by harnessing the energy of the sun and converting it into
electricity you can use throughout your home. Home solar panels can be fitted to roofs,
walls or anywhere else with direct sunlight. These solar panels which form the basis of
residential solar systems are made up of many specially designed solar cells, and these
do the work required in converting sunlight into practical energy. Because they have no
moving parts, they require very little maintenance other than a periodic removal of leaves
and other debris which may block the light.

Home solar panels also enable you to do your part to help the environment and offset
climate change, as they are an entirely clean and renewable energy source. As more
people install residential solar systems, our dependence on polluting fossil fuels will be

In April 2010, the government introduced ‘feed in tariffs’ which will allow you to not only
save money on your energy costs but also generate extra income from your Solar PV
system. Click on the relevant link on our website to learn more about this initiative, or
browse at your leisure to discover how Solar Solutions can help you make your home