Sunday Times Puts Solar In Top 5 investments

The Sunday Times put solar PV panels as one of its top five investments for making 10% returns on your savings.

In the article it advised customers to consider PV following the introduction of the feed-in tariff in April, offering them a tax-free, index linked income for the energy they produce. The new coalition Government has agreed to honour the feed-in tariff system for electricity.

"Given that the income is tax-free, the return on a £14,000 investment is equivalent to 12.9% for a 50% tax payer and 10.3% for a 40% tax-payer, with the investment recouped in as little as seven years. As the payments are linked to RPI, this equates to a real return of 18.2% and 15.6% respectively at today's RPI rate of 5.3%"

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