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As the government pushes towards a greener future for Britain’s energy generation,
uptake of Solar PV is growing within the public sector. We envision a future in which solar
commercial PV systems
are at the heart of power generation for schools, hospitals, council
offices and other state-run organisations. Public sector PV can lead the way in
revolutionising the way in which we create electricity.

Solar Solutions have extensive experience in installing PV systems for the public sector,
and have previously worked with Newcastle City Council and North Tyneside Council
providing electrical contracting services.

Public sector PV energy generation provides a lasting investment for local and government
authorities, as there are no additional costs after installation, and solar commercial PV
systems have a long life span of up to 50 years.

In addition to the money saved by a reduced level of dependence on the national grid,
and newly introduced feed-in tariffs provide an attractive subsidy to both domestic and
public sector PV energy producers. Under the scheme, all small scale solar PV systems
(under 5MW) will receive money from utilities companies for the power they produce,
even if it is all used internally. Excess energy is automatically transferred to the national
grid, and provides further income in the form of an export tariff.

Investment in Solar PV systems also shows a long term commitment to renewable
non-polluting forms of energy, and sends a positive message to future generations.