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Solar PV Site Selection

When installing PV solar panels, the location you choose is of prime importance.
Photovoltaics rely on sunlight to generate their power, so the ideal spot for PV systems
is the one that receives the optimum level of sunlight throughout the year. Solar Solutions
can provide expert guidance on the best place for your PV solar panels, and can
professionally install them at affordable prices.

A common location for siting solar panel systems is on the roof of a building, as this
generally provides the most unobstructed and direct view of the sun. A solar array can
be installed on the roof of your building, or the roof itself can actually be converted into a
network of weather-proof PV solar panels. Southward facing roofs provide the most
efficiency for photovoltaics because these receive the most sunlight all year round, and
therefore offer the most potential for power generation capacity.

The number of modules in the solar array and its overall size are also determining
aspects in the efficiency and overall capacity of PV systems. For this reason, you should
give thought to which location provides the most available space when installing solar
panel systems

When considering where to site your PV system you should try to find an area which
offers the required amount of space for your power generation needs, and also receives
the highest possible amount of sunlight all year round. Continue to browse our website
to find out how we can help you get more out of your PV solar panels.