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Feed In Tariffs

One of the major benefits of solar PV as a source of energy is its cost effectiveness,
and feed in tariffs provide a further boost to this financial advantage.

Feed in tariffs (FITs) came into operation in the UK as of April 2010, and are a part of
government legislation aimed at the reduction of national carbon emissions and an
increased uptake of renewable energy.

FITs are essentially a cashback scheme for small scale (under 5MW) domestic and
commercial producers of renewable energy such as solar PV. Under the terms of the
scheme, traditional utilities companies are obligated to pay small scale producers of
low carbon energy for all electricity they generate.

What this means is that you will be paid a subsidy, or generation tariff, for every watt of
electricity your produce, even if it is used for your own purposes. Additionally, all excess
energy transferred to the national grid will earn you extra money through an export tariff.

These new feed in tariffs make this an ideal time to install a solar PV system, and provide
a significant boost to the money saving potential of all solar systems. The FITs scheme
fixes PV tariffs for 20 years, and all domestic revenue generated through solar PV means
is tax exempt, making it an ideal investment.

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