Our Store

Solar Solutions North East aim to help
you save in a big way via our Solar PV
services and in many small ways too.

By using energy efficient light bulbs and
other like minded products we can help
to make big changes to the environment.

These products are all designed to reduce
your energy bills and C02 emissions which
are a major cause of climate change.

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McIver Energy Save
Voltage Optimisation

The (MVO) Voltage Optimisation Unit from
McIver Energy Save is the most complete
unit on today’s market

Big savings & quality

LED Flood Lights
Large Range & Options

Our range of LED floodlights are stylish,
affordable and environmentally friendly
the perfect choice for home or business.

Big savings & quality

Led Spotlights
Large Range & Options

LED spotlights are an amazing way to
control and direct light to a specific
location in any way you want.

Big savings & quality

LED Strip Lights
Large Range & Options

LED strip lights are so versatile and flexible
that they can create a completely different
atmosphere in any room.

Big savings & quality